Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mr Nice Guy's Trading Quote

Here is some of Mr NiceGuy wisdom words,
Many will try to put a word in your head like this, " TRADE WHAT YOU SEE AND NOT WHAT YOU THINK!". Is this true? For me, This sentence is not alway correct. But it really depends on you.

If you want to trade what you see, then ask yourself ; "Am I seeing the chart corectly? Do I have the skills to see and describe the chart movement corectly? How do I trade what I see if my brain is already thinking at the exact moment my eyes see? Will I put my money on that trades?

See... For me this Trade what you see is another confusing propaganda in forex business. People thinks as a respond to what they see, hear, feel and touch. It's happen instantly in a blink of the eye. No one can stop your brain from thinking at the moment you see. Actually, It takes a brain function to see.

As I said many times before. Nothing comes easy in this job. In order to trade it the right way, you just have to train yourself to see correctly and to think correctly at the same time. If you pass these too much "SEE and THINK" your brain will record that in some sort of statistical result in our head, that's what I call Insting and skills. At that moment your brain will develop and an ability to guess correctly and make a right decision instantly. That's what we suppose to do.

It's like Van Gogh who can make a random brush play on a blank canvas instantly but still it looks beautiful. Or Madonna and Jacko who dance randomly but still looks sexy and fantastic, Or Gary Moore who can play random blues notes but still it sound amazing. That's is a skill.

So for me, Do not trade what you see or think, but train the way you see and think first then trade with the skill you earn from that training.

And also about Phsycology in trading, here is :
Trading is a losing game if you can not control yourself.

- If you afraid to lose, you will lose
- If you afraid to win, you will lose
- if you hope to win, you will lose
-If you lose your hope to win, you will lose
- If you greed you will lose
- If you are not greed, you will lose
- If you are late you will lose
-If you are too early you will lose
- if you get dissapointed and mad when you lose, you will lose even more.

But it's funny how my mentor keep saying : "Forex is like picking money from the floor. It's as easy as that. The problem start only when you start to take more than what you need."

Balance is the key. Learn from the universe around you. How God created the universe and put everything in a balance to make everything work. That's the rule of this universe. So it means, your trading strategy will only work if you can find a balance inside you. Balance between fear and hope. Balance between starting and stoping the trade. Balance between being smart and be a stupid. Balance between doing the trading and doing everything else you are supposed to do in your life.

There's a limit in everything. The price will not climb or falling forever. At some point it has to rest for turning around or continue further. We should learn from it.

It means, we can not break our limit and expect to become a good trader in a day, a month or even a year. We just have to keep punching and kicking our limit step by step while maintaining a good balance inside ourself. Sometimes we have to stop to get rest before we continue later.

Forex will teach you so much about yourself. Learn from it to recognize and overcome your weaknesses. Keep your balance straight, so you can stand on it. If your balance fall, you will fall.

Remember this, You only lose when you lose your money. Missing an opportunity to make a money is never make you a loser. Dont push your luck by forcing a trade, be patience. There'll be plenty of opportunity in another time.

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