Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, 30/03/11

Just get stopped out two times today huh,
at EU, i think she will move up after i saw it play above LSMA and look US market agree with its bounch at IBL, but i got stopped out -30 Points, hmhmhmhm,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday, 29/03/11

Already buy GU, she look like bounced at SD-3 daily, but LSMA still down, hmhm,
Wish me luck ^^
PS : Already hit SL @BE hmhmhm,

Now i am sell EU, LSMA pointing down, and now she has reached IBH for US Session,
my target is IBL and i watch for low yesterday,
PS : hit SL @BE again , hmhmhmhm, next day i will try again,

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday, 28/03/11

I am try to figure out that non daytime trader has enter enter trade. And it make GU move break IBH today at US session, now i see she has move above daily MA and LSMA also pointing up.
We'll see, is she will filled the empty seat? at yesterday MP you see low usage area and now she look like move to that area.
Wish me luck ^^
PS : Update hit SL @BE

Now i am try to sell EU, based on daily BB now she at SD+2 price has move far away from LSMA daily and look she has move to High usage area, so i think she will down to fill low usage area first, before she continue to move again,
PS : already hit SL @BE hmhmhm, wait again,

Finally today target have hit 20 point,
Here is the result:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

EU and GU Analysis for Next Week Trade

EU analysis
My analysis said that maybe EU will ranging for next week, there is high usage area at low and high and my prediction EU will fill Low usage area. if it has filled then she will move to Value area, perhaps this month POC.

GU analysis
We can see S/D clearly with Market Profile help. So next target is 1.6142 and maybe it will move to this month High point ^^

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Compounding Project From $50 to ...

Hi all,
I am just started to post to this blog regards my trading activities. Now i have my own project just how far i can got from this account. This is only $50 but i wanna know how much my capabilities at this business.
To the point, now i have my trading plan for this project:
  • My target is get 20 point per OP
  • I have 500 point margin each open trades
  • My stop loss is differ and up to my trading system said
  • Must safe my account quickly when it get plus about 7 point move SL to BE
  • My whole target is won 40 trades in row
Next i will upload some Picture and describe my trading system, but for your curious i am use Maket Proflie for help me take my decision,

Thanks and GGH ^^

Friday, March 11, 2011

Roboforex Trading Contest

RoboForex, a regulated broker from New Zealand invite u to join their trading Contest.
Forex traders contest is a great opportunity for rookie traders to test trading using demo accounts without any risk of losing their own money and a chance for professional ones to test and improve their trading strategies. Trading using virtual funds, our clients can win real money – our demo accounts contest is an excellent opportunity to win prize money that the winner can use anyway (s)he wants!
Terms and conditions of Demo accounts contest:

1. Each demo accounts contest lasts one month. Participants trade using virtual funds, the initial deposit is of at least $100,000 with 1:100 leverage;

2. The prize money is $3,000 a month, $39, 000 a year;

3. Based on the annual result, three best participants will get additional prizes: $1,500, $1,000, and $500 respectively;

4. The prize money will be transferred to the winners’ real accounts, so that they could use it anyway they want – continue trading or withdraw it from the account;

5. No special or “hidden” conditions for prize money withdrawal!

6. A unique opportunity for our partners! If a partner attracted a client, who eventually becomes a winner, (s)he will get 30% of the sum that was won by the client. This opportunity is valid for the partners of Start, Expert, and VIP level (those with verified websites);
7. Monthly Prize money is divided between 7 participants:

Place Prize money
for Clients Prize money
for Affiliates
1 1000 USD 300 USD
2 750 USD 225 USD
3 500 USD 150 USD
4 350 USD 105 USD
5 200 USD 60 USD
6 150 USD 45 USD
7 50 USD 15 USD
Total: 3000 USD 900 USD

Terms and conditions of contest accounts:

1. Only one trading account of each client is allowed to take part in the contest.

2. In order to avoid the breaking of the 1st article we have launched the anti-fraud system, which checks all the accounts participating in the contests and successfully spots the affiliated ones.

3. The Company reserves the right to disqualify any participant without any prior notice and explanation

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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